Rosenwood: Themes

Like my character work, I’d delved into the themes of Rosenwood but when I went back to the script months later, they seemed lacking. More shallow than I’d like. And a little ill-fitting. THEME I’d originally narrowed down my theme to something like “responsibility vs play” because I recognized the struggle Kathy had was something to do with child-like qualities versus the adult responsibilities she’d accrued. And in a very rough sense, it worked in […]

Backstory: Squonk

Okay, you’re jumping into the deep end at this point. Might want to start in the shallows and work your way back here through previous posts on this project. (Rosenwood Pitch, Joe, Kathy, Jude & Mason, and Rosenwood) SQUONK Squonk can’t speak as others do. Or rather, he chooses not to. His species communicates through indirect telepathy, something more like an empathic gift. His tribe sends waves of emotions and images at each other and […]

Backstory: Rosenwood

For more backstory fun and a little background on this project and what it’s all about, be sure to read previous posts. (Rosenwood Pitch, Joe, Kathy, and Jude & Mason) ROSENWOOD Rosenwood is a place of many tribes and creature groups, a land in appearance much like the foothills of Montana with sprawling vistas, plains, hills, rivers, and mountains. The general air about the place is one of freedom and discovery, hope and potential. There […]

Backstory: Jude & Mason

Note: See the previous posts (Rosenwood Pitch, Joe and Kathy) for more background on the parents before you read about the kids. JUDE Golf. Jude’s dad tried to get him to try golf one Saturday. Just being with his Dad was cool. His Dad could be kind of fun and goofy when they weren’t at the house. But there were co-workers with them that day and Jude got bored. He’d brought a book but it […]

Backstory: Kathy

So if you’re wondering what we’re doing here, check the previous post, Backstory: Joe and/or check out the Rosenwood Pitch. Beyond that, let’s get going on Kathy’s backstory because this sucker turned into a short story on me. KATHY Kathy remembers Joe from kindergarten. He challenged her to get across the monkey bars quicker and he broke his arm. She laughed at him, then carefully helped him over to the teacher, trying in her own […]

Backstory: Joe

As I’ve let Rosenwood rest for the past couple months, it’s given me time to think. And watch movies. And watch more movies. And it dawned on me. The current draft of my script was lacking character depth. The scenes were okay. And I felt like I understood where my characters were and where they needed to go. But I could feel the lack of specificity. There were questions I couldn’t answer, things I justified […]

Rosenwood Pitch

ROSENWOOD Story by Jess Adducci contact for more info Feature: 120 pages; Hook meets Labyrinth with an Amblin, 80’s tone Logline: Kathy, a suburban stay-at-home mom, works to bury her history of psychiatric problems with a “normal life” when creatures from the fantasy world she visited as a child come knocking, asking for her help to defeat an evil sorcerer and save Rosenwood. Image links: concept art 01, concept art 02 Kathy, a rockstar stay-at-home […]

End Run Pitch

END RUN Story by Jess Adducci contact for more info Feature: ~110 pages; The Fugitive meets the indie sensibilities of Safety Not Guaranteed Logline: When his wife dies from a heart attack, a failed inventor accidentally lands himself in a parallel dimension where his wife is alive and he’s pursued as a wanted criminal overlord.   Image links: concept art 01, concept art 02 Miles, a charming but failed inventor, runs from job to job, […]

A Conversation with Barry Cook

I had the opportunity back in November to sit down with Barry Cook (director of Mulan and co-director of Arthur Christmas) and the students at Regent University for a chat on story and growing as an artist and writer. It was an enlightening and affirming conversation, so I wanted to share the highlights with everyone. Even if you’re not an animator, writer, director, whatever, some of these truths will apply to you. Because they apply […]