Story Starter: 03

The task: to come up with three loglines (very short story descriptions) based on the image. The point: to stay creative and hone my ability as a screenwriter to write loglines.

All images can be found on my Story Starter Pinterest board.

  1. In a world full of sickness and devastation, a blind boy envisions a new world and is surprised when it starts to transform around him, challenging the reigning dark forces.
  2. A priest, father, daughter, and boy fight against their own caste so they can release an imprisoned metropolitan city only to remember they once lived there.
  3. A lonely man travels back in time to spend time with his dead wife and instead lands in an entirely different world where they never met.


Rate each logline!

Award stars based on your interest in the loglines! Do they have characters, themes, and imagery that intrigue you? Would you watch that movie? Give it 5 stars for something you're super excited about all the way to 1 star for something you stopped reading because you were so disinterested in it.

Pick your favorite!

If you could only pick one logline, one movie to go see, which one would it be?