Story Starter: 01

My amazing animator husband is taking a class to further his education. And well, since he’s more often than not occupied with that or work, I decided to imitate him. So my “Story Starter” Pinterest board will finally serve its purpose… by starting stories.

Of course, films start with loglines. So I’m taking one image and writing three loglines for that image.

Enjoy! And let me know which one you like the best.


  1. A spindly, towering machine faces banishment when he befriends a human that might be the key to preserving his design type on a warring planet of mechanoids.
  2. A bumbling explorer rebels against scientific community ridicule by opening a portal to a dimension of cycloptic mechanoids only to find himself defending the earth against the curious robot overlords.
  3. A daring hero stages a prison breakout to free his country from AI overlords only to find himself in a neighboring nation befriending exiled androids that intend to overthrow the country themselves.


Rate each logline!

Award stars based on your interest in the loglines! Do they have characters, themes, and imagery that intrigue you? Would you watch that movie? Give it 5 stars for something you're super excited about all the way to 1 star for something you stopped reading because you were so disinterested in it.

Pick your favorite!

If you could only pick one logline, one movie to go see, which one would it be?