Rosenwood Pitch


Story by Jess Adducci
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Feature: 120 pages; Hook meets Labyrinth with an Amblin, 80’s tone
Logline: Kathy, a suburban stay-at-home mom, works to bury her history of psychiatric problems with a “normal life” when creatures from the fantasy world she visited as a child come knocking, asking for her help to defeat an evil sorcerer and save Rosenwood.

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Kathy, a rockstar stay-at-home mom, seems as normal as the next suburban housewife. But she has a secret: Rosenwood, an alien land she visited in her dreams as a child. Since claiming her fantasies were real at a young age, she’s been subjected to heavy psychiatric treatment for schizophrenia. She’s worked to bury her past with Type-A super-mom behavior, including charity work for her kids’ school. She’s just landed herself a position on the board when Rosenwood once again reaches out to ask for help to save the world from an evil sorcerer. He’s infected Rosenwood with darkness, all powered by a human gem, a ruby. She absolutely refuses. All she wants is a normal life that will effectively erase her psychiatric past. But when her kids show signs of connecting with Rosenwood, she begrudgingly agrees to get the ruby if it means getting Rosenwood away from the kids.

After secluding herself in a motel where she takes a decent dose of sleeping pills to stay asleep, she meets up with Lothar and his band of rebels in Rosenwood. Their goal: go to an old cottage for info on a secret entrance to the sorcerer’s stronghold so they can get the Ruby of Rosenwood. One hitch: they think she can wield magic but she’s forgotten how. Amidst being chased by creatures sent by the sorcerer, a galactic storm, and fantastical foes, they find the location of the hidden entrance and Kathy gets her mojo back. At the secret entrance, after an epic kitchen battle, the little troupe is caught in a trap set by Huxley. Her new friends will be bait. Kathy has to go in alone.

Kathy sneaks into the stronghold, stumbles through Huxley’s various tricks and traps and still manages to nab the stone, draining Huxley of his power, and gets back to her friends. She passes the stone to them, binding its power to them with her family necklace, and leaves an adored hero.

When she wakes up, she’s no longer in the motel… she’s in the hospital. Her husband Joe had tracked her down when their kids became severely ill and all were hospitalized. Unable to explain why she took sleeping pills, she returns to Rosenwood and realizes Lothar is the bad guy. He’s trying to open a portal to let in the spirit essence of another world that mutated him and infects Rosenwood. When Kathy tries to intervene, they kidnap her ill children.

Kathy returns to the real world and tells Joe about Rosenwood. They accidentally return together and when Huxley tracks them down, they resolve their differences through his illusions and decide to tackle Lothar as a team. Huxley goes after Lothar but, twisted by the gem, Lothar kills Huxley. The whole family is trapped at the mercy of Lothar. Unsure if he can keep the using the stone if he kills Kathy, since he’s using it with the aid of her necklace, he sends the whole family back to our world. But he’s not done. Backed by the power of the new being, he opens a portal to our world and confronts Kathy at the charity school carnival she’s planned. With Joe’s help and some creative ideas from her kids, she tricks Lothar and grabs her necklace. Without the necklace as a control, Lothar disintergreates. Kathy uses the ruby to send the new creature back to its own world. The ruby shatters with the encounter. Her friends head back to Rosenwood while she stays in her own world. Rosenwood heals, as does the family. Kathy no longer has to deal with her psychiatric past, having proved to the world she was never crazy, she and Joe have revived their marriage in awesome adventurous ways, and the kids have the heart of their mom back, now ready to embrace the wondrous fantasy in their every day lives.