Story Starter Series*

Put simply, I get bored. I slide into bad creative habits and circle the doldrums of the blank page. So in an effort to exercise my creative muscles on a semi-regular basis, and at the same time create work that could actually go somewhere someday, I created the Story Starter Series. After picking a picture from my Story Starter pinterest board, I have to conjure three different, viable loglines for creative properties realistically based on the picture. I work my logline technique and consistently spot clichéd tropes I tend to use over and over again. Most are okay, at best.
But sometimes, I come up with some really fantastical ideas. Out of 39 loglines, I’ve only chosen 8 to asterisk worth pursuing. And hey, if I think they’re worth pursuing, I should put them out there for anyone who might want to buy a script based on one of them, right?
So here they are, in no particular order accompanied by the pictures that inspired them and me. (Go to that pinterest board link to follow the images down the rabbit hole to their particular artists.) Contact me if you’d like to pursue any of the loglines for any form of media. And if none of these float your boat, check out the complete Story Starter Series and let me know if another logline strikes your fancy. More are added all the time!




A street urchin wants off the streets and tries to get respectable work at a local pharmacy only to find he’s stumbled into a black market drug sale for super-powered people.



An ornery Indian chief and a reckless cowboy reluctantly join forces to defend a burgeoning settlement from brutal animal attacks only to realize there’s something unearthly at play behind the slaughters.



In a world controlled by gaming factions, a newb gamer girl trying to make a name for herself discovers the secret of a mysterious player called Delta and must stop the assassination of high-ranking gamer royalty before Delta can take her out.


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 6.47.28 PM

A burnt out traveling rep visits planets for her employer to gather rare flora and fauna only to encounter a self-aware planet that latches onto her consciousness to hitch a ride and conquer other worlds until the salesman fights back for herself and her world.


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 6.44.48 PM

An exiled fairy of light tries to earn her way back to her kingdom by bringing an important, yet snotty college kid through the fae wyldes as a sacrifice for her Queen only to befriend the kid along the way.


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A god from an age old pantheon tries to drum up remembrance of he and his fellow gods by bringing a failing, desperate writer through a portal to record their exploits just as war breaks out.



A boy who’s frightened of everything starts making up stories about his neighbors to get to sleep at night but walks right into the secret of his local pharmacy when he sees their lights on all night.



A rebellious, homeschooled kid runs away from home only to realize his house was couched in a pocket dimension of magic that separated Earth from a mirror universe of evil.