Ministry Minis Pt 04

If you’re just joining me for the Ministry Minis series, definitely read through the introduction below. If you’ve read it, great! Skip straight to the loglines!

I often work for ministries so I’ve had the opportunity to delve into a pretty varied line of stories as each spiritual truth being expressed presses on some unique image, a singular concept. My work has involved period pieces (usually set around the time of Christ’s crucifixion), modern dramas, experimental animation, and even a sci-fi/fantasy, Terminator-like short. They’ve been feature length, mini series, and quite often… short films.

The Ministry Minis series highlights some logline work I’ve done for a particular ministry, ideas they ultimately passed on as they weeded through their needs, capabilities, and over all interest. Every idea represented was meant to be short (usually 1-5 minutes in length), easily produced on a low budget, and symbolic of some kind of spiritual truth that could be used to start or add to conversations believers might have with other believers and non-believers.

All loglines are available for development, so contact me if you’d like to pursue these or any other ministry-minded projects!


  1. When an immaculately clean person encounters an incredibly dirty person who’s just tripped and fallen, the clean person must decide if he’s going to get a little dirty to help the person up.
  2. An orange grove farmer inspects his crop for fruit, obviously disdainful of anything not perfect, when a kid comes along, picks a piece of not so perfect fruit and digs into it with happy gusto.
  3. A guy builds a playhouse for his son while his son plays nearby only to have the whole thing wrecked when rains wash the soil away under it… but the thing his son was building is still standing because it was on a rock.
  4. A woman graciously serves the homeless at a shelter but drives the other volunteers away with her yelling and nagging until she’s overwhelmed and no longer able to serve.
  5. Two older teens hang out at a mall pointing out people’s flaws (that are presented as leech-like aliens) until one realizes the other has a giant particularly heinous one on their back.
  6. A young wife and mother, determined to present her “best self”, literally hides behind her social media screen in public until she gets fed up with people not knowing the real her.


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