Ministry Minis Pt 02

If you’re just joining me for the Ministry Minis series, definitely read through the introduction below. If you’ve read it, great! Skip straight to the loglines!

I often work for ministries so I’ve had the opportunity to delve into a pretty varied line of stories as each spiritual truth being expressed presses on some unique image, a singular concept. My work has involved period pieces (usually set around the time of Christ’s crucifixion), modern dramas, experimental animation, and even a sci-fi/fantasy, Terminator-like short. They’ve been feature length, mini series, and quite often… short films.

The Ministry Minis series highlights some logline work I’ve done for a particular ministry, ideas they ultimately passed on as they weeded through their needs, capabilities, and over all interest. Every idea represented was meant to be short (usually 1-5 minutes in length), easily produced on a low budget, and symbolic of some kind of spiritual truth that could be used to start or add to conversations believers might have with other believers and non-believers.

All loglines are available for development, so contact me if you’d like to pursue these or any other ministry-minded projects!


  1. A family throws a party for their friends but when no one shows, they go out and invite anyone they can find from their neighborhood instead.
  2. An artist walks around sketching various things she sees but they all come out messed up and distorted until someone gives her a pair of coke bottle glasses.
  3. A strong, tanned capable dude goes through various outdoor adventures ironically terrified of everything it seems he should be capable of doing only to find peace and safety in a tiny cubicle.
  4. A girl tries to hide a giant mess she’s made while making a horrible dinner for her boyfriend but when he ducks into the kitchen, he doesn’t flip out… he cleans up!
  5. A parent acts like a ridiculous perfectionist on a mini golf course outing with their kid until the kid hides in one of the attractions and the parent realizes the kid really just wants to goof off and be loved.


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