I really love to make things up. And I find words an effective means to that end. They move, inform, and pack an emotional punch. They lay the foundation for other forms of communication and act as guides to more visual, audible, and social adventures.

To put a finer point on it, I script narrative fiction (web series, features, and shorts), reality-based television, and commercials/campaigns.

Don’t miss out on my production work as well. When I’m not putting words on the page, I’m helping them come alive in a producer/production manager capacity.

For a full list of videos, visit my vimeo channel.

Scripted and Field Produced

Scripted for Production

Scripted Pre-shot Footage and VO

Scripted, Directed, and Produced

Un-produced Narrative Works
John Gray (feature) – Bluecat Screenplay Competition Quarter Finalist 2012 (available by request)
The Angler (collaborative short)
ZoMBiEz: The Musical (web series)
Bistro Bust (short) (Writes of Passage Entry)
Kingdom Come: Discipleship Series, Episode One (mini-series)