Inktober Day 13

For brief background on Inktober and how (and why) I as a writer am participating, head back to my very first post.

Otherwise, enjoy today’s entry! And check back daily for a new Inktober creation.



October 13, 2017



  1. A fishing guide sets out on the river with newb clients on a river teeming with an unusual amount of fish when an alien predator starts hunting them and doing everything it can to get them out of its “territory.”
  2. An awkward teenager accidentally killing everyone around her with communicable infections she carries searches for a cure until she’s interrupted by a secret group who claim they’re the ones responsible for her infections.
  3. A country bumpkin new to New York City starts to follow flies to the bodies of homicide victims that no one can seem to see but her when she realizes the murderer has been stalking her the entire time.


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