Inktober Day 08

For brief background on Inktober and how (and why) I as a writer am participating, head back to my very first post.

Otherwise, enjoy today’s entry! And check back daily for a new Inktober creation.



October 08, 2017



  1. With nefarious purpose, a physically twisted old man stalks local neighborhood kids when he encounters one kid with a particular power to fight back.
  2. A local Floridian kid sets out with some friends to hunt down a local urban legend, an alligator man, but finds the path he’s on literally winds it’s way through pockets of weird akin to the Twilight Zone.
  3. An adventurous tomboy picks up what she thinks is just a neat walking stick until she heads back to her depressing trailer home and becomes obsessed/possessed with the idea that her mom is a monster that must be beaten with the stick.


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