Inktober Day 03

For brief background on Inktober and how (and why) I as a writer am participating, head back to my very first post.

Otherwise, enjoy today’s entry! And check back daily for a new Inktober creation.



October 03, 2017



  1. A mentally handicapped busboy, unstable hostess, and goody goody college manager work together to keep a restaurant running and find a killer when people start dying from poisoned food.
  2. A real estate agent in a newly developed 1980’s midwestern suburb in the middle of nowhere races to find a poison set to be released in the water supply while trying to keep his own secrets from his spouse.
  3. A nameless man moves into a city apartment building and as dissension creeps into the neighbors affairs, a young boy starts to suspect the man might have a name… Lucifer.

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