Inktober Day 01

Inktober is typically for artists looking to improve their drawing habits, hone their inking skills, and/or just take advantage of the community of challenge.

My husband is an artist looking to improve his daily drawing habit so he’s vowed to participate this month.

In solidarity, I thought I’d do something as well. I didn’t just want to do my typical Story Starter Series, though (even though I haven’t done it in a year!!). In researching Inktober a little more, I discovered a prompt list! So! I’ll be using the Inktober prompt list to come up with three story ideas, slanting to the horror/thriller/suspense genres if at all possible. It is October, after all!

I’m making up for a few days missed so three posts will go live today. But check back daily for a new Inktober entry!



October 01, 2017



  1. An ordinary Earth sparrow flies through a space/time rift into a dimension where bird-like creatures are being hunted by nightmarish shadows when it discovers it has incredible, super speed that could help save its kind.
  2. A gas station attendant, Joe Swift, denies the idea of anything supernatural happening in his town, even as people disappear daily, until he comes face to face with the killer… himself.
  3. When a young upstart establishes an Old West mining town near Apache territory, winds spirits start terrorizing the settlers until he figures out someone is pulling the spirit strings.

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