End Run Pitch


Story by Jess Adducci
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Feature: ~110 pages; The Fugitive meets the indie sensibilities of Safety Not Guaranteed
Logline: When his wife dies from a heart attack, a failed inventor accidentally lands himself in a parallel dimension where his wife is alive and he’s pursued as a wanted criminal overlord.


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Miles, a charming but failed inventor, runs from job to job, missed meeting to missed date. He ducks his nosy neighbor Collins and people he owes money to while continually failing to be the success he promised his loving wife Sara he would be. When Miles misses a date night and finds Sara dead from a heart attack, he invents a time travel device so he can go back in time and be there to save her… but instead lands in a parallel dimension.

The parallel dimension is dirtier, darker, and full of cameras and surveillance. His device is burned out but he doesn’t care once he realizes Sara could be alive in this world. But after tracking her down and being caught on numerous cameras along the way, the cops show up led by Lieutenant Collins looking for his doppelgänger who is apparently a crime lord in this dimension. Miles sweeps alt Sara into an on the run, fugitive chase where he tries sparking a romance with her by taking her along a route of hallmark romantic moments, while trying to figure out how to get the device working again. Alt Sara’s famous baseball playing boyfriend, Brad, remains oblivious to the kidnap as he’s at spring training, Collins continues his investigation always on their heels and Miles’ doppelgänger sends out an assassin to take care of the problem.

Things come to a head when Miles and alt Sara barely dodge Collins and follow him back to the baseball stadium where a hostage situation has been reported. It’s the assassin who’s failed to take care of Miles luring them into a trap. But in a showdown gone wrong, Brad is killed and Miles and alt Sara barely get away.

Collins investigates the device Miles is wearing as Miles and alt Sara head to a cabin once used for their honeymoon. Alt Sara actually starts falling for Miles and wants to run far away with him. But Miles insists the best place for them is his world and that he must finish the device. He leaves her in the cabin to retrieve a piece of an antique clock he’d used. But just as Collins is catching up to the cabin, Miles heads through a cemetery near alt Sara’s house and spots his own tombstone. His doppelgänger has been dead for seven years. Collins is the man behind the facade of the Miles doppelgänger and he grabs alt Sara.

Miles barely fights off a thug who demands the device for Collins, pops over to his own dimension to grab some of his “failed” inventions and digs in at alt Sara’s house for a stand off with Collins, the police, the media, and Collin’s thugs. He collects evidence of alt Miles’ death, trades blows with the thugs, and eventually decides there’s only one thing to do. He walks out and heads straight for the media, revealing everything about Collins’ murder of alt Miles, that he himself is from another dimension. The media and cops swoop in on Collins, leaving alt Sara free from danger as Miles returns home without her to face the debt collectors and happily stops running.