Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Scene Summary

I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan. So when my latest script took a turn toward beats that fit Last Crusade, I took the opportunity to write out a scene summary of the whole movie. It’s amazing what you learn when you pay close attention to something. It has a traditional structure but it’s not quite as obvious as I would have thought. The character arcs are incredibly strong and woven through every scene of the […]


Most people who have known me for more than fives minutes are very aware that my favorite movie is Jaws. But a slightly lesser known fact is this: Metropolis inspired me to be a filmmaker. Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, released in 1927. A German silent film about a future society rife with class struggles and cool art deco buildings. So when did I see it? As a college student? Nope. As a film nerdy high school […]

Pixels & Grain: Tools of the Trade

Pixels & Grain: Tools of the Trade I have a degree in Video Production from Webster University in St. Louis, MO. Not Film Production. The two were completely separate degrees, each with a different emphasis. I chose video for two reasons: I knew we were headed toward a digital age… and film was expensive. Stock fees, lab fees, print fees, etc. I would have loved to learn “film,” but I was a poor college student already […]

Top 10 Kids Movies

I’ve been so distraught over the neglect of kids movies in my Top 10 films, I’ve decided to give them their own list. They deserve it. Kids movies are by far some of the more worthwhile film projects filmmakers could attempt, in my opinion. We’re all just big kids ourselves, so why not produce wonderful works of fiction that kids can enjoy? In the world of animation and family films, Pixar currently reigns as king, […]

Top Ten Favorite Films (as of 2010)

Someone asked me a question today, and I was horrified that I hadn’t really thought of the answer before. I mean, I’m a filmmaker. I’m constantly considering the merits of movies and have even started reviewing theatrical films in my spare time. How could I not already have an answer to this question?? Oh right. The question. What are my top ten favorite films of all time? I’ve never truly considered the question. I have probably […]