Rosenwood Pitch

ROSENWOOD Story by Jess Adducci contact for more info Feature: 120 pages; Hook meets Labyrinth with an Amblin, 80’s tone Logline: Kathy, a suburban stay-at-home mom, works to bury her history of psychiatric problems with a “normal life” when creatures from the fantasy world she visited as a child come knocking, asking for her help to defeat an evil sorcerer and save Rosenwood. Image links: concept art 01, concept art 02 Kathy, a rockstar stay-at-home […]

End Run Pitch

END RUN Story by Jess Adducci contact for more info Feature: ~110 pages; The Fugitive meets the indie sensibilities of Safety Not Guaranteed Logline: When his wife dies from a heart attack, a failed inventor accidentally lands himself in a parallel dimension where his wife is alive and he’s pursued as a wanted criminal overlord.   Image links: concept art 01, concept art 02 Miles, a charming but failed inventor, runs from job to job, […]

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Scene Summary

I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan. So when my latest script took a turn toward beats that fit Last Crusade, I took the opportunity to write out a scene summary of the whole movie. It’s amazing what you learn when you pay close attention to something. It has a traditional structure but it’s not quite as obvious as I would have thought. The character arcs are incredibly strong and woven through every scene of the […]

Ekard of Tewood, D&D Character Background

artist unknown My husband and I occasionally play D&D with some friends of ours. One such recent instance was at DragonCon in Atlanta. I thought my character background turned into an interesting piece of writing so here it is for all to see! Enjoy.   Ekard of Tewood (ECK-ard -of- TAE-wud) human, fighter, folk hero   “What we call luck is the inner man externalized. We make things happen to us.” -Robertson Davies   Everyone […]

Next Magazine Publication

I’ve been “published”! I’m not sure why I put that in quotes because there’s nothing hypothetical or figurative about it. I suppose it’s just a weird feeling since I’m rarely a copy writer. Check out the video below and and peruse the full magazine (including my article) online today.  

Throne Room

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash The hall sparkled. Shimmered. I’m not sure. It kept changing. I thought maybe the walls were formed from some kind of exotic pearl, but there was nothing soft about them. The place was nothing if not sturdy, immutable. But those shifting colors, there was a certain translucence about them. And the twin rows of pillars, grand square giants, stretched into infinity. Or at least, far beyond the naked eye. […]


Image by John Hockaday Rah-Rah-Sis-Boom-Bah A homeless teen runaway squats on the sidewalk of a busy LA street at night. The hat beside her has a few bills and change in it. She glances up and down the strip, aglow in neon, face desolate as people pass her by. Sheʼs definitely seen some hard times. A person in a wolf mascot costume walks by her. Her eyes follow it for a second and quickly glance […]