Narrative fiction, commercial work, scripted reality TV, special effects, 2D/3D, short, long, we've done a little bit of everything. Whatever we do, we want the product to be a visceral experience that clearly tells a story.

Award-winning short film director/producer
Recognized by BlueCat Screenplay Competition (Quarterfinalist) &
StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest (Semifinalist)

Writer of the Emmy award-winning TV series, The Outsiders Club (Season 1)
Published illustrator
Winner of 2016 Gold Pixie Award (animation)


Exponential growth in media platforms and a special interest in moving images have created amazing demand for animation and illustration. 3D, 2D, motion graphics, hand drawn illustration, kinetic type, storyboarding, concept art... We've tackled a variety of styles, mediums, and content over the years. Check out our animation/illustration page for more information.


Writing and research lay the foundation for any project. We primarily have experience in screenwriting (narrative fiction, commercial work, scripted reality TV - all lengths). With an editing and production background, we're able to write with a practicality other writers may not be able to accomplish. Writing samples available upon request.


While we specialize in writing and animation/illustration, we've had the opportunity to produce polished work from idea development to product delivery. We're not only experienced in every area of production, but we also know some amazing talent we love bringing onto projects. Contact us for a quote.


A collection of our work. Projects and scripts available for funding and production noted with (*).

Print, Producing, Writing
Commercial, Producing


The latest stops in rambling writing, animation/illustration, and production news.

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