Jess Adducci (writer/producer)

Nick Adducci (animator/illustrator/designer)

Narrative fiction, commercial work, scripted reality TV, special effects, 2D/3D, short, long, we've done a little bit of everything. Whatever it is, we want it to be a visceral experience with a rock solid narrative foundation.

Award-winning short film producer
Quarter-finalist 2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition
Writer of the Emmy award-winning TV series, The Outsiders Club
Winner of 2016 Gold Pixie Award (animation)


A collection of our work. Projects and scripts available for funding and production noted with (*).

Print, Producing, Writing
Commercial, Producing

The Blog

The latest stops in rambling writing, animation/illustration, and production news.

Throne Room

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash The hall sparkled. Shimmered. I’m not sure. It kept changing. I thought maybe the…


Image by John Hockaday Rah-Rah-Sis-Boom-Bah A homeless teen runaway squats on the sidewalk of a busy LA street at night.…

Inktober Day 13

For brief background on Inktober and how (and why) I as a writer am participating, head back to my very…


3D, 2D, motion graphics, hand drawn illustration, kinetic type, storyboarding, concept art... House Adducci loves all things design and art. We've had the pleasure of working in a variety of styles, mediums, and content over the years. Let us know how we can breathe life into your idea!


Writing and research lay the foundation for any project. We primarily have experience in screenwriting (narrative fiction, commercial work, scripted reality TV - all lengths), but have had the opportunity to be published in periodicals as well. Contact us for your writing needs!


While we specialize in writing and animation/illustration, we've had the opportunity to produce polished productions from idea development to product delivery. House Adducci and our talented network of creatives would be excited to produce your next idea!